Jason Spencer founded Student Loan Relief, Inc. with one goal that sounds simple and yet often feels insurmountable for millions of college graduates across the United States: to alleviate the burden of expensive student loan repayment.

An entrepreneurial and driven businessman, Jason’s mission to help others is deeply personal. He grew up with a single mother well below the poverty line. When his mother decided to attend nursing school, she hoped to better herself and secure a more comfortable life for herself and her son and yet she ended up shackled with student loan debt that quickly became all but impossible to pay off. The more trouble she had meeting her payments, the more her wages were garnished. Soon the family struggled to afford their food and rent every month, let alone pay down their debts.

Jason’s mother’s education should have been a ticket to professional success and financial freedom. Instead, it became a constant source of contention and stress. This story is still extremely common among students today, and Jason is determined to help others find a way out.

I started Student Loan Relief to prevent what happened to me from happening to anyone else.

Jason Spencer

Background and Career

One of the pitfalls of student debt, which Jason witnessed firsthand as a child, is that relief or forgiveness options are very rarely presented to graduates, if at all. Young professionals don’t have the time or the professional training to constantly keep up with new and existing legislation, to sort through the hundreds of federal, state, and/or local programs for which they may qualify, and create the best repayment or relief strategy possible. And they shouldn’t have to  — which is exactly why Jason founded Student Loan Relief, Inc.

The federally recognized nonprofit worked with graduates to understand their financial situations and identify the best programs for which they may qualify. The Student Loan Relief, Inc. team  worked with more than 300 different programs created from 233 Congressional bills. Through this strategic network, they were able to create and personalize repayment strategies for graduates which would reduce their principal owed amounts, lower their interests, and provide more comfortable means of repaying their loans.

Balancing this new endeavor with his schooling, Jason worked tirelessly to grow the organization as a comprehensive resource for individuals and families who struggled with federal student debt. He built the company philosophy on pillars of competence, independence, and personal service and support. These values were emphasized in each and every financial plan that the Student Loan Relief, Inc team created for graduates. Jason wanted to make sure that the plans were refreshingly simple for customers; however, this required a lot of complex research, planning, and upkeep on the business side. As Chief Executive Officer, Jason maintained this tricky balance and successfully ran the organization through 2016.

Jason Spencer is currently looking for new entrepreneurial ventures. However, he is still dedicated to helping others tackle their student debt, figure out stress-free and cost-effective repayment strategies, and get back to the things in life that matter to them most.

On this blog, Jason Spencer will share insights, news, and updates regarding student loan relief for individuals and families. Stay tuned!